Our Cervical Radiculopathy Treatment Device is the non-surgical answer to alleviate pain and restore your neck's vitality. Designed to target affected nerves, it reduces inflammation and discomfort effectively, without the need for costly therapy visits. Say goodbye to discomfort and restrictions, and embrace a life with reduced pain and enhanced mobility.

  • Customizable Intensity Settings:

    Tailor the treatment to your comfort with adjustable intensity levels, allowing you to personalize the experience based on your needs.

  • Automatic Timer Function:

    Set the device for your preferred duration. The built-in timer ensures convenience by automatically turning off after the set period, so you can relax without worries.

  • Versatile Application:

    Not just for cervical discomfort, this device can also be used for targeted relief on other body areas, providing multi-purpose pain management.

  • Clinically Proven Technology:

    Backed by scientific research, the technology integrated into our device has shown efficacy in alleviating neck discomfort and nerve-related issues.

  • Ergonomic Design:

    Engineered for comfort, the device is ergonomically crafted to fit the contours of your neck, providing a soothing and comfortable experience during use.

Surgery-Free Symptom Management:

Our non-invasive approach helps manage symptoms without surgical interventions.

Smart Economical Choice:

Skip expensive therapy visits with our cost-efficient home-based treatment.

Pain Alleviation at Your Fingertips:

Conveniently relieve neck discomfort and pinched nerves in the comfort of your home.Order Now

Rapid Relief, Real Results:

Just 15 minutes of use can yield noticeable reduction in symptoms, offering quick and effective relief.

Enhanced Mobility:

Say goodbye to discomfort and restrictions, and welcome a life with reduced pain and improved mobility

Tingling And Numbness

Some people experience weird feelings like tingling or numbness along their arm or fingers.

The Cervical Radiculopathy Wand really works! I was suffering though a pinched nerve in my neck for weeks – it felt better after only a few days of using this machine.

Macy G.

My physical therapist was using ultrasound for my pinched nerve in my neck. The cervical wand did the trick, and for the price of a single PT session.

Francine L


This neck device is amazing. No more neck soreness or tingling fingers. I definitely recommend this thing.

Jason K

This machine is a HARD YES! Worked donders on my neck issues and now I use it for muscle aches and pains.

Jonathan K

What is cervical radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is oftentimes referred to as a pinched or irritated nerve. It’s located in the neck area and can cause pain, numbness, or weakness that radiates into the chest or arms.

How can I treat my cervical radiculopathy at home?

Try taking it easy. If you suffer from cervical disc disease and experience increased neck pain, it’s important to temporarily avoid or cut back on intense activities. While resting, try to find a comfortable position that causes you the least amount of neck pain. You can also try applying heat or cold packs to the area. Stretching can also help; however, stop immediately if you start to experience significant discomfort while stretching.

Can cervical radiculopathy become permanent?

Yes. In rare cases, the numbness and/or weakness associated with cervical radiculopathy may worsen regardless of treatment. The longer that numbness and/or weakness lasts in the shoulder, arm, or hand, the more likely it is that it becomes permanent or potentially leads to paralysis.

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